Cancelled my plans and now I’m having a pizza and X-Files night. Send me asks and we can talk about Mulder and Scully and have an internet sleepover and I can draw you and send you cute things or something idk.

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My attempt at being 90’s.

My attempt at being 90’s.

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I’ve returned and it’s grown even more!

I’ve returned and it’s grown even more!

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I returned to the tree and rephotographed this beauty with a proper non-cell-phone camera. This is the cell-phone photo I took awhile ago. If you notice, it’s grown since then! Such exquisite texture…it would be lovely if someone could help me identify it!

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Old photos of the creek next to our campsite in Mammoth.

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Coprinus nivea (or Coprinellus niveus)

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If you’re new to fungi and want a fun documentary, I recommend Know Your Mushrooms (2008). It’s free to watch!


The animations were kind of cheesy, and you can tell it’s made by adults who are overly excited about technology, but I liked the interviews with mycophiles and mycologists.

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Strange polypore.

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